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We had an amazing AMA session with the MTHUB team and the opportunity to learn more about the project and the exciting innovations the MTHUB team is bringing to the crypto world.

MTHUB is a digital brokerage platform that allows users to trade, copy orders opened by successful traders, pass a qualification test. Besides, MTHUB operates as the White Label — its strategic and regional partners are offered a solution to work under their own brand based on platform technologies.

Based on a week-long vote MTHUB became Product #1 in Fintech, Product #2 in Web3 according to Product Hunt.

This article is a quick recap of all the questions asked during the AMA. We received a lot of engagement from our community. Thank you to all of our wonderful community members who got involved!

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Read on to find out more about MTHUB!

TruePNL: Please introduce yourself and describe your background and current role at MTHUB?

MTHUB: I’ve been in the fintech industry for over ten years, almost eight years in capital management. After that, I became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I am currently the founder and CEO of

TruePNL: Can you introduce the team behind MTHUB and share the achievements the team has made so far?

MTHUB: The company consists of two large teams. One deals with software development, and the other works on products.

To get to know some of the faces, you can watch our pitch deck —

TruePNL: Please briefly describe MTHUB and what you have planned for 2023. A roadmap perhaps?

MTHUB: We want to do two critical things:

1. To get several financial licenses to give customers more products.

2. Make the infrastructure independent of liquidity providers, software providers and even cloud storage.

This year we will expand the line of financial assets to 400 thousand. Our more detailed plan is here —

TruePNL: Please let us know about the competitive advantages MTHUB have over other projects.

MTHUB: We are not fighting for centralization or decentralization. We give customers the best of what’s available on the market. Ultimately, we will become a financial marketplace that provides a bridge between traditional finance and the new in Web 3.0.

Of the local advantages — we are very customer-oriented.

TruePNL: What are the latest developments about the use case & features of MTHUB? How do we buy $MTHUB?

MTHUB: We develop the entire infrastructure to the requirements of mega-regulators and standardization centres.

We have the industry’s highest standards regarding the execution of customer trade orders.

Soon we can trade and invest in any class of financial assets, even the most exotic. Already today, we have more than 20 bridges to liquidity providers.

TruePNL: Do you have a long-term forecast for the crypto market?

MTHUB: We are confident that blockchain technology will begin to be adopted even more actively. But many projects will leave this market, notwithstanding the marathon.

I recommend buying bitcoin at any time. It is strongly protected against inflation.

TruePNL: Why would a trader leave another company for MTHUB, will there be any privileges for big traders?

MTHUB: We do not divide traders into large or small. Everyone gets the same conditions — the best in the industry.

The company does not make a markup on the spread or commission. That is why our commissions are ten times lower than our competitors.

For example, for the most popular currency pairs, we give commissions 25 times lower than any of our competitors serving retail clients.

TruePNL: How much profit can you get from tokens if you buy now?

MTHUB: If you’re talking about our tokens, we don’t recommend buying them. The buyer can get a high profit, and then his life will change and can no longer be like before. Imagine what happens to people who get 10x in just six months!

TruePNL: On which exchanges do you plan to list the MTHUB token?

MTHUB: Right now, we are in talks about listing with about 30 exchanges. We will approve the final list in a week.

The first stage will be four exchanges with a large live audience.

TruePNL: Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or is it only appealing to professional users?

MTHUB: The essential services are suitable for beginners. Professional services and products we have separated into another company.

TruePNL: Has your project been audited? How about the system? Is your project safe from hackers and cheaters?

MTHUB: We planned an audit of the whole company, not just the technical part. It will happen in the summer of this year. The company wants to show clients transparency in terms of cash flow, as well as confirm compliance with all AML regulations.

We are now monitoring any suspicious activity related to hackers. Our team includes specialists of the highest level, so these incidents are handled very quickly.

In terms of storing client funds, we have a three-tier security system, including the availability of secure storage in physical form.

TruePNL: What are the long-term goals of the project?

MTHUB: We want to become a leader in buying and selling digital bonds, collateral, and the digital equivalent of natural resources and metals. But these are plans for the distant future, and now we are expanding the technical infrastructure.

TruePNL: If somebody outside the crypto space hears about your project and wants to invest, would it be complicated for them? How would you educate users?

MTHUB: We give a wide range of instruments for traders; we don’t limit their choice to cryptocurrency only. Now you can trade different asset classes with us: cryptocurrencies, national currencies, metals, oil, and indices.

We plan to redesign the client’s account and mobile application to make them convenient and understandable even for a schoolchild. An intuitive interface and coherent products are better than learning.

TruePNL: Tell us about the tokenomics of the project. Do you have mechanisms to prevent hyperinflation, as often happens with P2E projects?

MTHUB: We have a limited issuance of tokens. We are not threatened by inflation. Information about tokenomics is on the official website —

The token itself will be phased into the project system. With it, it will be possible to access unique services in the market.

TruePNL: Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Please tell us about your project’s current partners and plans for partnerships.

MTHUB: Now we cooperate with major financial institutions and not only in the crypto industry. These are several famous world banks and stock exchanges.

Of course, the crypto market is a priority for us. Everyone here already knows the industry leader, and we actively cooperate with him.

We have also established some relationships with data centres and trading solution providers.

We sincerely thank the MTHUB team for a fantastic AMA event and thank you to all users for submitting their questions.

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