TruePNL participates in an incubation partnership with DuckDAO!

TruePNL and DuckDAO incubation announcement.

DuckDAO will skyrocket the growth of TruePNL platform.

Having dozen of successful projects in their portfolio, DuckDAO will benefit the project with their expertise in blockchain technology, DeFi, fundraising, and marketing. TruePNL will not only utilize support from the DuckDAO core team but also will be backed by DuckDAO community and partners.

TruePNL’s mission is to make trading transparent, approachable, and understandable for both newcomers and experts by providing them with professional analytical tools and market-proven strategies.

Knowing that now our project will be helped by some of the most professional people on the market, we doubled our efforts and will soon delight you with new announcements about the development of the platform, new products and opportunities of joining sale rounds.

What is Duck DAO?

DuckDAO is the largest decentralized community of crypto enthusiasts that have helped dozens of projects over the last several years.

Allocation opportunity

If you are interested in participating in a token sale, fill the form so we can contact you and discuss a partnership possibility.

Join our community in Telegram and subscribe to this Medium and Twitter, soon we will post a lot of interesting materials about the project ecosystem.

Being open is profitable!

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