TruePNL vesting schedule

$PNL tokens will be divided into several distribution categories, each of which is intended for different purposes and groups of investors. For each category, there is a daily Vesting Schedule, transparently and securely hardwired into the Smart Contract of $PNL token.

🔹 Team: tokens for the True P&L team, vesting cliff — 12 months, then 2.7% per month.

🔹 Marketing: tokens for marketing activities, competitions, etc. — 3% per month.

🔹 Advisors: tokens for project advisors — 8.33% per month.

🔹 Seed/Strategic/Private: tokens for private sales and influencers — 10% of tokens will be unlocked on the TGE day, then 1% will be unlocked daily for 40 days after the TGE, then 7.5% per month.

🔹 Public sale: tokens for IDO — 100% unlock immediately at TGE.

🔹 Foundation: tokens for the strategic product development, vesting cliff — 12 months, then 5% per month.

🔹 Staking: reward tokens for users who stake $PNL tokens — 4.17% per month.

Such vesting is necessary not to allow the token price drop and to create profitable conditions for the investors who want to join our project after the Token Sale.

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TruePNL is a Blockchain based ecosystem, with products designed for traders, investors, and paradigm-shifting cryptocurrency projects.