TruePNL roadmap: ambitious but totally within reach

True P&L combines on-chain and off-chain investment products to deliver an engaging and profitable experience — even to those who have never traded or invested in crypto before. You can already try our robo-trading with 10+ bots, and there are many other exciting features in the pipeline.

The first flagship product is already live — try it now to earn up to 30% a week

True P&L’s motto is ‘keep it simple’. We work for those users who don’t want to spend all their time in front of a trading interface or invest years in learning technical analysis. Instead, we are building an ecosystem of secure and easy-to-use investment tools that can generate a stable passive income with cryptocurrencies.

The first flagship product of the ecosystem is already live: it’s a robo-trading system that copies the trades made by the bots created by our in-house quant trading team. You can choose among 10+ highly profitable bots that yield up to 30% a month (see the current stats on the site).

The system is secured to the OWASP standard, and there’s no need to deposit any funds: the service connects to your exchange account (for example, on Binance) via API. The API keys are used only for trading and analysis: the system cannot withdraw money from the wallet.

The first 1,000 users who register on True P&L can use the robo-trading service for free, and there are still about 200 spots left, so we suggest that you join right now. Meanwhile, the team is working hard on the next few products on the roadmap.

Coming up in 2021: staking, DeFi ETFs, and impact mining

$PNL staking

$PNL is the native token of True P&L and the cornerstone of our ecosystem, including off-chain and the DeFi products. Once we launch the staking program, you’ll be able to deposit $PNL in lending pools to earn interest on loans and regular yield farming rewards.

There are more advantages to $PNL staking, however: you’ll pay less in fees when using other True P&L products, and you can even get a prime subscription to use all our basic features and tools for free.

Community ETFs

True P&L’s community-driven ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, are crypto-backed DeFi indexes that can be traded like gold ETFs in the traditional markets, for example. Their price is pegged to the assets in the collateral portfolio. The difference between the DeFi ETFs in True P&L and the existing attempts is that our ETFs will be built by the community itself.

Impact mining

Impact mining is different from regular DeFi liquidity mining, because you earn rewards for making a positive impact, not just depositing crypto. For example, we’ll award $PNL to users who participate in trading competitions, algo trading hackathons, portfolio-building challenges, and so forth.

Apart from these innovative products, we are planning a lot of new exciting features and updates that you’ll see in the next few months:

  • $PNL public and private sale rounds, followed by listings on several major centralized exchanges;
  • Connecting new exchanges to the robo-trading system (Binance Spot, FTX, and Bitmex);
  • Hackathons and portfolio management contests with prizes for the most successful investors and algorithm builders.

Looking into 2022

Our key task for the next year is to integrate True P&L DeFi services with Polkadot Substrate.

Polkadot is an attractive alternative to Ethereum thanks to its interoperable environment where different blockchains can exchange data and assets. Many teams are are working on lending, staking, and DAO protocols for Polkadot. There will also be bridges linking Polkadot to Ethereum and other blockchains to allow for easy asset conversion.

As for True P&L, the first DeFi product we’ll roll out on Polkadot are DeFi portfolios, followed by other products in our ecosystem. It’s still a year away, but we’ll keep you posted.

If you’d like to ask a question about our roadmap, robo-trading system, $PNL, or any other aspect of True P&L, join our official Telegram chat — we already have over 7,000 traders and investors there, so you’ll be in great company!


-- is a Blockchain based ecosystem, with products designed for traders, investors, and paradigm-shifting cryptocurrency projects.

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TruePNL is a Blockchain based ecosystem, with products designed for traders, investors, and paradigm-shifting cryptocurrency projects.