True PNL Provide First Public Rating Platform

What is True PNL?

True PNL is a social crypto trading platform that aims to democratize trading activities. The analytical tools and statistics available on True PNL will allow investors to make more informed decisions when copying trades, while traders will get passive income from their strategies.

2020 can truly be called the year of trading. Also, an institutional capital continues to be directed to the space of alternative financial instruments. The volume of trading on derivative exchanges is steadily growing, and the number of willing to trade is growing behind it.

A global infrastructure is being formed before our eyes, which was impossible to imagine two years ago. The convenience for trading and the quality of execution of trades goes up, but the social component is lagging. Top crypto exchanges have only recently started to update the leaderboard in real-time. On the bright side, most CEX’s do not see any sense in providing such information to retail investors and traders…

Platform Key Advantages

True PNL service is designed to stimulate users to publicly share their trading performance. The system of public rating will allow choosing the most profitable traders and bringing them together with investors. To share your trading information, you just need to connect your trading API. True PNL integrates with the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

The API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of rules by which a server in one application (site) can communicate with another. In other words, the API allows you to set rules for sharing information with different vendors. In the case of trading, the API is necessary both for displaying real information and for delegating the execution of transactions in algorithmic trading. API connections to True PNL are safe for trading account, because all transmitted information is provided for reading only.

Social surveys confirm the fact that a critical mass of independent traders cannot come to cooperation within the market processes. In this project, we are trying to solve the main problem that arises in any nascent trading community: the gap between objective and provided information. Starting with the broadcast of objective information, traders will be able to scale their skills. In their turn, investors will not spend time on data verification.

About Team

Our team consists of people who are deeply passionate about fintech projects, and crypto space. The 20 years of integrated project management in finance and marketing give our team an advantage in project development. Besides, we continue to follow the innovations in the financial sector, trying to identify new trends and to adapt them to our vision.

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