Robo-trading vs. manual trading: up to 30% a month with TruePNL robo-strategies

True P&L allows you to earn a passive income by automatically copying the trades opened by our top-performing bots. But is robo-trading really more profitable than manual trading? Here is what you need to know about this fascinating trading tool and its potential risks.

Algorithmic and manual trading: what’s the difference?

Almost all traders start out with manual trading, meaning that they place each order manually by entering the price and quantity to be sold or bought. Such a manually placed order then closes when (or if) the price reaches the desired value. Ideally, you should base all your orders on a carefully chosen strategy, though many beginners trade erratically, basing their decisions on rumors, news, and emotions.

Algorithmic trading means that a computer program opens and closes orders based on the instructions contained in its code. These instructions, in turn, represent a strategy developed by a professional trader.

The two reasons why trading bots make more money than humans

Trading algorithms, or bots, have two major advantages over manual trading:

1) Always-on. A bot won’t miss any trading opportunity: as soon as the market conditions fit the strategy, it will open a trade. Bots don’t sleep, they don’t get distracted, and they act instantly. A human simply cannot compete with an algorithm — some research even shows that over 85% of Bitcoin trading is done by bots.

2) Precision. An algorithm is impervious to emotions like panic and greed, so it does not deviate from the strategy. A human trader may get lucky once or twice acting on a hunch, but this is not a viable way to stable trading profits.

However, traditional algo trading also holds a serious disadvantage for beginners: cost. Developing and updating a good robo trading algorithm can cost thousands of dollars. Pro traders are willing to make this investment, because they have quality strategies that can be encoded and yield high profits month after month. But a newbie trader simply doesn’t have the skills or experience to prepare a technical brief for a bot software developer.

How True P&L democratizes professional robo-trading

The idea behind True P&L’s robo-trading product is simple: give users access to market-tested algorithms that are very easy to use and that don’t require transferring funds from one’s exchange account.

Our in-house quant-trading team developed over 10 quality bots for several cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, DOT, and XRP (more will be added in the future). Their current 3-month profitability ranges from 8% to 61%:

You can pick any bot and use your exchange API key to activate it. The robo-trading tool will copy all of the bot’s trades in your own exchange account., so that you’ll earn the same profit (in %) as the bot. Our top-performing algorithm made 40% in the past month (though past results cannot guarantee future performance).

You don’t have to deposit any funds on our platform, and the API cannot be used to withdraw assets from the exchange, so your money stays safe at all times. Right now we support Binance, but more exchange integrations are planned for the next few months.

The best part is that you can get the True P&L robo-trading tool for free if you act ASAP. We decided to give free access for 3 months to the first 1,000 users who register. We already have about 800 active users with a total traded volume of $200,000, but the remaining free slots are going fast. We recommend that you register right now: it’s a very rare opportunity to earn with a professional-grade robo-trading algorithm for free.

Would you like to know more about how to use the bots? Then join the official True P&L Telegram chat — we’ll be happy to walk you through the steps!



-- is a Blockchain based ecosystem, with products designed for traders, investors, and paradigm-shifting cryptocurrency projects.

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TruePNL is a Blockchain based ecosystem, with products designed for traders, investors, and paradigm-shifting cryptocurrency projects.

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