Please welcome new Vested Sale on TruePNL —Artyfact

We are pleased to present a new Vested Sale going live on the TruePNL Launchpad today, 11th October. Vested sale users have the opportunity to participate in the super exclusive staking of the project!

Artyfact is a Next-Gen Web3 Metaverse Game with a mission to become the first metaverse that truly combines the best of the AAA and GameFi worlds using an innovative Play-and-Earn (PAE) model that puts gaming experience ahead of earnings.

Artyfact Gameplay Trailer

Artyfact citizens are able to play various AAA quality PAE games and earn $ARTY, buy and trade NFTs such as avatars, weapon skins, virtual estate, clothes, as well as attend virtual concerts, NFT exhibitions, runway shows and other events.

Artyfact Overview


  • NFT World. Every game item in Artyfact is NFT. It can be avatars, weapon skins, clothes or estate. In addition to buying, you can also win NFTs in PAE games, trade them in the NFT marketplace, and even modify your NFTs, making them more valuable.
  • Real-world marketing comes to the metaverse. Artyfact allows its users to arrange paid or free events, create virtual billboards and opens a new way of interacting with an audience for influencers and brands.
  • Artyfact is backed by decent partners and investors. GSR market maker, Epic Games, Double Protocol, Certik, York St Capital and others.
  • Launched by Zelwin, TAFPad, Kommunitas, Anypad.

Vested sale users have the opportunity to participate in the super exclusive steaking of the project! You may find details in the tokenomics section.


There are more than 3 billion gamers in the world, but only 1% of games are GameFi.

GameFi is overtaking DeFi.

VCs investments in GameFi and its underlying infrastructure increased by 5,000%.

Gaming activity on the blockchain in 2022 has increased to 60%.


Artyfact is the next-gen metaverse with Play-And-Earn economy combining best of Web2 and Web3 features.

4 PAE multiplayer game modes to earn rating points (RP) and get $ARTY.

In Artyfact, players are the real owners of their game items and can do whatever they want with them.

Artyfact users can organize paid or free events in the metaverse such as NFT exhibitions, concerts, virtual runway shows, and other meetings.

Artyfact has advantages over both GameFi and AAA competitors.


Key members of the team


Artyfact’s partners



$ARTY is a native in-game currency and governance token of the Artyfact ecosystem.

There are various ways of generating income in the Artyfact metaverse.

Given the most comparable tokens to the token of Artyfact and comparing their market cap with the Artyfact, the comps-based ROI represents a range of 74.2x to 3436.1x in a bear crypto market.

Users will be able to use exclusive Artyfact pre-TGE staking for early investors: 1 year — 50% profit, 2 years — 200% profit, 3 years — 600% profit

More on the product, business model, team, marketing strategy, and other important details can be found in the project’s Whitepaper

👉 Whitepaper

Artyfact Official Channels:

Website || Telegram Community|| Twitter || Discord

Vested Pool details:

💎 Pool size: $120 000

💎 Token: $ARTY

💎 Min/Max Investment: $250 — $5000

💎 Price on TruePNL: $0.28

💎 Listing price: $0.40

💎 No PNLg needed to participate

💎 Listing Date: January 25, 2022

🔓 Vesting: 5% on TGE, 1 month cliff, 9 month linear vesting

✅ Link to join the Vested Sale:

How to participate in the Artyfact Sale on TruePNL

Joining the sale with PNLg points

TruePNL users can enter the Vested Sale straight with USDT.

  1. Pass the KYC procedure
  2. Choose a Vested Sale on the TruePNL Launchpad

4. Your allocation will be displayed in the “My Investments” section as soon as the Vested Pool is filled and the sale of the project is closed.

5. To claim your tokens, users have to register on the Launchpad and Artyfact will acсure their $ARTY tokens to their balance. According to the vesting, they will be able to withdraw tokens from the launchpad if they prefer.

Some useful links for new TruePNL Launchpad users:

✅ Link to join the Vested Sale:

TruePNL Official Channels:

Website || Telegram Chat|| Twitter || Telegram ANN || Blog || Discord

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