New Vested Sale opens on TruePNL — introducing NFT3

5 min readOct 7, 2022


We are pleased to present , a new Vested Sale going live on the TruePNL Launchpad today, 7th October.

The Sale will be conducted using our updated model, so our users can buy tokens with USDT or spend PNLg points to reduce the cost of the allocation.

Now all KYC-verified TruePNL users can buy their allocation using USDT or through PNLg points they’ve collected by holding PNL tokens or have received by Staking $PNL.

About NFT3

NFT3 is building the first Unified Decentralized Identity and Credit Network for Web3, acting as a unified identity across all Web3 application layers and a pathway toward enabling personal monetization in the emerging Metaverse.

The NFT3 method allows for any NFT to be wrapped with Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). This is a new type of identifier that creates a verifiable decentralized digital identity. NFT3s will become a direct monetization path for individual users to associate value on their terms with various aspects of their data journeys through life with different projects, individuals, social networks, companies, and institutions. An NFT3 provides a unique fingerprint and identity based on their past on-chain activities.

Product Highlights

  • The first platform to utilize digital identity to create a comprehensive Web3 world passport. It will also create a user’s personal credit scoring system in Web3.
  • Direct monetization path for individuals in Web3. Innumerable monetization path via third parties access integrations — get paid for genomic information, on-chain behavior etc.
  • Experienced team. The NFT3 team has worked in and with such projects as Kylin Network, ConsenSys, UniFarm, Morgan Stanley and more. Advisory department has specialists from finance, NFT and digital identity fields.
  • The strongest investors are on board. NFT3 got US$7.5 million seed round investment led by Animoca Brands along with LD Capital, Prometheus Labs Ventures, DFG Group, LVT Capital, Shima Capital, Digital Strategies, ZMT Capital, Tenzor Capital, Double Peak Group, CMS Holdings, GenBlock Capital, Ankr Network and Ellipti.


The global decentralized identity market size is expected to reach USD 102.0 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 88.2% from 2022 to 2030.


NFT3 is DID-wrapped NFTs that allow Staked Identity

NFT3 features

NFT3 makes multichain aggregation available

Competitive edges of NFT3

Use cases of NFT3 technology



NFT3 team background consists of Kylin Network, OroPocket, Consensys, CoinShares, Ankr, Shima Capital.


NFT3 got US$7.5 million seed round investment led by Animoca Brands.


NFT3 token $ISME has a strong utility and mature token economy.

Given the most comparable tokens to the token of NFT3 and comparing their market cap with the NFT3, the comps-based ROI represents a range of 9.5x to 58.1x in a bear crypto market.

More on the product, business model, team, marketing strategy, and other important details can be found in the project’s Whitepaper

👉 Whitepaper

NFT3 Official Channels:

Website || Telegram Community|| Twitter || Blog

Vested Pool details:

💎 Pool size: $25 000

💎 Token: $ISME

💎 Min/Max Investment: $500— $5000

💎 Price with USDT: $0.0054

💎Price with PNLg discount: $0.0495

💎PNLg Rate: $1 of the allocation equals 3300 PNLg points + 1 USDT.

💎 Listing Date: October 7th

🔓 Vesting: 10% at TGE, then quarterly vesting for 18 months

Note: a fee of 10% is applied to this sale and included in the token price. For buying with PNLg you get tokens with the price of public round without markup fee.

✅ Link to join the Vested Sale:

How to participate in the NFT3 Sale on TruePNL

Joining the sale with PNLg points

TruePNL users can enter the Vested Sale straight with USDT or use PNLg points to reduce the cost of the allocation. Full information can be found here.

  1. Log in to your account and connect your MetaMask wallet
  2. Pass the KYC procedure
  3. Choose a Vested Sale on the TruePNL Launchpad
  4. Select the amount of allocation and buy it using USDT on Binance Smart Chain or use PNLg to reduce the cost of your allocation.

5. Your allocation will be displayed in the “My Investments” section as soon as the Vested Pool is filled and the sale of the project is closed.

6. To claim your tokens, follow our announcements with detailed instructions. The tokens are being released in accordance with the vesting scheme, which can be found on the project’s page.

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✅ Link to join the Vested Sale:

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