New Vested Sale opens on TruePNL — introducing MTHUB

4 min readJan 9, 2023

We are pleased to present MTHUB, a new Vested Sale going live on the TruePNL Launchpad January 16th at 12:00 UTC.

The Sale will be conducted using our updated model, so our users can buy tokens with USDT or spend PNLg points to reduce the cost of the allocation.

Now all KYC-verified TruePNL users can buy their allocation using USDT or through PNLg points they’ve collected by holding PNL tokens or have received by Staking $PNL.


MTHUB is a digital brokerage platform that allows users to trade, copy deals of successful traders, pass a qualification test and manage a capital from other companies.

Besides, MTHUB operates as the White Label — its strategic and regional partners are offered a solution to work under their own brand based on platform technologies.


  • One-stop trading solution. MTHUB includes investing, copy-trading, OTC and P2P modules as well as White Label services.
  • Unique Solar Feed feature allows MTHUB users to track the geography and probability of magnetic storms, X-ray emission of the Sun and Moon cycles which can be extremely helpful for traders.
  • Attractive marketing activities such as affiliate and loyalty programs which allow MTHUB users to benefit from the platform.


MTHUB operates on the e-brokerage market which leverages technologies to transform a brokerage into a paperless format, saving time. This market will reach $2.66B by 2026 and $18.4B by 2031.

However, e-brokerage faces such problems as:


MTHUB have combined the strengths of the technologies of the classical financial world and the new cryptocurrency market and created a powerful synergy. This allows MTHUB to provide a unique solution, previously unavailable to most traders — the ability to trade any asset class within a single platform.

The investment platform is a service for copying trades of successful traders. A client who does not want to trade on their own can automatically copy trades from the provided list of traders.

One-stop trading solution



MTHUB advisors


$MTHUB is a utility token which empowers the entire MTHUB ecosystem.

More on the product, business model, team, marketing strategy, and other important details can be found on the project’s website.

MTHUB Official Channels:

Website || Twitter || Discord

Vested Pool details:

💎 Pool size: $55 000

💎 Token: $MTHUB

💎 Min/Max Investment: $50 — $5000

💎 Regular price: $0.066

💎 Price with PNLg discount: $0.060

💎PNLg Rate: $1 of the allocation equals 3300 PNLg points.

💎 Listing Date: TBA

🔓 Vesting: 4 month lockup then linear vesting over 6 months

Note: a fee of 10% is applied to this sale and included in the token price. For buying with PNLg the fee of 10% is included.

✅ Link to join the Vested Sale:

How to participate in the MTHUB Vested Sale on TruePNL

Joining the sale with PNLg points

TruePNL users can enter the Vested Sale straight with USDT or use PNLg points to reduce the cost of the allocation. Full information can be found here.

  1. Log in to your account and connect your MetaMask wallet
  2. Pass the KYC procedure
  3. Choose a Vested Sale on the TruePNL Launchpad
  4. Select the amount of allocation and buy it using USDT on Binance Smart Chain or use PNLg to reduce the cost of your allocation.

5. Your allocation will be displayed in the “My Investments” section as soon as the Vested Pool is filled and the sale of the project is closed.

6. To claim your tokens, follow our announcements with detailed instructions. The tokens are being released in accordance with the vesting scheme, which can be found on the project’s page.

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✅ Link to join the Vested Sale:

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