New benefits with the updated TruePNL Referral System: get more bonuses for inviting friends

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • Go to your TruePNL account and copy your referral link
  • Invite your friends by sending them your link
  • Get rewards in PNLg, $PNL, and USDT for every purchase made by people you’ve invited to TruePNL

Updated rules of the new referral system

  • Referrers (people who invite new users to TruePNL) can get rewards for all immediate (direct) referrals. If their referrals invite more users, they become their initial referrers. Therefore, a referrer will get rewards only for their direct referrals.
  • Every new user you invite will receive ONE MILLION PNLg as soon as they register via your link and connect a wallet to their account
  • Every purchase made by your referrals on the TruePNL Launchpad will bring you a 2.5% USDT reward at all times. The reward is calculated out of the amount of each purchase made by referrals
  • You will also receive $15 in $PNL tokens for the first purchase made by each of your referrals.
  • PNLg rewards remain the same: 20% from all PNLg earned by every user you’ve invited.

How to claim your rewards?

Yes, you will have to claim your referral rewards yourself — with no time limits for claiming, your rewards won’t get burned and will be available for claiming in My Portfolio.

Some additional clarifications

The PNLg rewards are accrued automatically. The $PNL and USDT rewards distributions will be executed on the BSC Chain twice a month.



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