Wizardia— new Vested Sale on the TruePNL Launchpad

4 min readFeb 21, 2022

We are proud to present Wizardia — an outstanding project coming to the TruePNL Launchpad! The Vested Sale begins today, 21st of February, at 17:00 GMT.

We also brought some awesome news for our Community: this sale will be available for PNLg points! All KYC verified users can buy allocations using PNLg points they’ve collected by holding PNL tokens or have received by Staking $PNL.

A perfect opportunity for $PNL stakers, holders, and liquidity providers to take part in the early sale round of this promising project and utilize their PNLg!

About Wizardia

Wizardia a Play-to-Earn (P2E) online role-playing strategy game built on three core gameplay pillars: innovative turn-based combat, base-building with a sophisticated economy model at its heart, player-decision-driven game evolution.

Each player gets to part take in or even specialize in different game modes such as PvP and PvE battles, base-building and exploration, item crafting and research of crafting recipes. Wizardia rewards those who contribute to the game’s metaverse and its real-valued economy system so there are no one-way investments. Wizardia’s Play-to-Earn concept is built on cashback Wizardia tokens and in-game assets that are based on NFT technology.

Wizardia rewards those who contribute to the game’s metaverse and its real-valued economy system so there are no one-way investments.

Project Highlights

  • $WZRD is a cross-chain token on BSC and Solana. $WZRD also acts as in-game currency and can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game
  • The Wizardia’s Lightpaper can be found here
  • Supported by reputable partners and industry leaders such as Dutch Crypto Investors, AU21, EscolaCripto, Lavender Capital Partners, Magnus Capital, Exnetwork, Longterm, Ghaf Capital, CRT Capital, Stacker VC, Crypto Dorm, Crypto Fomo, TrustSwap, ZenCapital, Scorpio VC, Vendetta Capital

Vested Pool details:

💎 Pool size: $82 500

💎 Token: $WZRD

💎 Min investment: $50

💎 Max investment: $5000

💎 Price: $0.088

💎 PNLg Rate: 1 USDT + 1500PNLg = 1$ allocation

💎 Listing Date: 24th March 2022 on Gate.io

🔓 Vesting: 15% at TGE month: week 1–10% daily vesting (1.43% per day for 7 days), week 4–5%, daily vesting (0.71% per day for 7 days). Month 2 — Cliff. Month 3–5% unlock. Months 4 through 11 (linear) — 10% unlock per month. 1.43% at TGE.

Note: a fixed fee of 10% is applied to this sale and included in the token price.

✅ Join the Vested Sale:


How to participate in the Wizardia Vested Sale on TruePNL

Note: This sale is available only for users with PNLg points, the recent option of purchasing an allocation with USDT won’t be applied. To join the sale users need to utilize PNLg points.

The calculation: $1 of the allocation equals 1500 PNLg points + 1 USDT.

To get an allocation of $100 a user needs 150 000 PNLg points. To get a maximum allocation of $5000, a user needs 7.5 million PNLg points and can get them by staking $PNL. You can use the built-in staking calculator to figure out the amount of $PNL tokens you need to stake to get PNLg points.

The PNLg points, earned by users for holding, $PNL, providing liquidity on UniSwap and PancakeSwap or by referring friends are also suitable.

Sale Rounds:

Round 1: every KYC verified user needs to spend 1500 PNLg points for each $1 of the allocation and get up to $5000 total.

Round 2: the amount of PNLg per $1 of the allocation will be changed: increased or decreased, depending on the users’ demand and the market conditions. Users will be able to buy more tokens following the new calculation.

The Round 2 launch time will be specified and announced depending on the circumstances.

Visual learner? Check out the video on how to use PNLg points in Vested Sales.

✅ Join the Wizardia Vested Sale:


Some useful links for new users of the TruePNL Launchpad:

How to Claim $WZRD Tokens

Listing Date & Time:

  • GATE.IO — 24th March at 12 NOON GMT
  • PancakeSwap — 24th March after 12 NOON GMT within the first hour
  • ❗️Token distribution start time (vesting unlocks): March 24, 13 GMT (1 hour AFTER listing)
  • 🔓 Unlock: 1.43% at TGE (10% on the first week)
  • 👉 Contract address

How to Claim

Wizardia Official Channels:

Website || Twitter || TikTok|| Telegram || Medium || Discord

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Website || Telegram Chat|| Discord || Twitter || Telegram ANN || Blog




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