Introducing Plutonians— the new Vested Sale on the TruePNL Launchpad

About Plutonians

Note: Plutonials will release two tokens: $PLD (Plutonian DAO) is the Plutonians governance token, and $RPC (Republic Credits) — is the in-game utility token. In this vested sale you will receive a package with PLD/RPC tokens. For each PLD/RPC users will receive 1PLD and 100RPC tokens. Tokens can only be purchased as a single unit, separate purchase is not possible.

The calculation: Price 1 PLD/RPC = 0,24$ (1PLD = 0,12$ , 1RPC = 0,0012$)

Project Highlights

Vested Pool details:

✅ Link to join the Vested Sale:

How to participate in the Plutonians Vested Sale on TruePNL

Some useful links for new TruePNL Launchpad users:

✅ Link to join the Vested Sale:


Plutonians Official Channels:

TruePNL Official Channels:



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