Introducing Naffiti— the next project to launch on TruePNL

We’re thrilled to announce the next sale on the TruePNL platform: the Whitelist for Naffiti opens today, February 16th at 15:00 GMT on the TruePNL Launchpad.

About Naffiti

Naffiti is the first DAO-governed gasless NFT launchpad and marketplace, run by the people for the people which helps creators, entrepreneurs, and license owners create and market their NFT collections while also assisting them in building communities. Many creators, businesses, and license owners require financing to grow but are unsuitable for IDO or are not ready for IPO. Financing through NFT collections solves this problem. Building NFT Collections, remains a complicated undertaking for most, especially for those without coding knowledge.

Naffiti’s mission is to raise the income floor for marginalized creators, businesses, and license owners.

The Naffiti ecosystem will at its core offer two main areas of development:

  • The Launchpad will offer Automatic NFT Collection Generation, Automatic NFT Deployment, Marketing & Community Management advisory, and support.
  • The NFT Marketplace will serve as a one-stop ecosystem for creators, license owners, and NFT collectors. Users can create their NFT collections, launch them and sell them without any coding knowledge or development team. The NFTs created through the ecosystem can be implemented into different blockchains.

$NAFF — functions as the native token of the Naffiti ecosystem which will provide the necessary utility and incentives for the holders within the platform.

Project Whitepaper is available here.

Built on ETH and is supported by BSI, VyBit, QuantBlock, DeRace, 9GAG, Golden Shovel, VXM Ventures, Modefi, BlackPine.

How to apply for the Naffiti sale on TruePNL:

How to apply for the Public round:

  1. Register on and confirm your email address
  2. Open
  3. Log in and Connect your wallet
  4. Press the “Join the Whitelist” button

Complete all actions:

  1. Follow TruePNL on Twitter
  2. Follow Naffiti on Twitter
  3. Join TruePNL Telegram group
  4. Join Naffiti Telegram Chat
  5. Pass the KYC procedure before sale starts to be eligible to claim tokens

Choose the PNLg pool or the Lottery pool. To enter the Lottery pool, you only need to join the social channels from above and enter your usernames into the Whitelist form.

Some useful links for new TruePNL Launchpad users:

Lottery Pool details

🔸 Pool size: $30 000

🔸 Token name: $NAFF

🔸 Min. allocation: $100

🔸 Max. allocation: $200

🔸 Launching platforms: TBA

🔸 Vesting: 20% TGE; 3 months lockup; 8 months (Monthly Vesting)

PNLg Pool details

🔷 Pool size: $70 000

🔷 Token name: $NAFF

🔷 Min. allocation: 0.36%

🔷 Max. allocation: 3%

🔷 Launching platforms: TBA

🔷 Vesting: 20% TGE; 3 months lockup; 8 months (Monthly Vesting)


Whitelist closes: March 4th at 9 AM GMT

IDO is expected to be held in the first week of March 2022. This is subject to change.

How to buy out your allocation if you got in the Whitelist

All WHITELISTED users can get their allocations from the start of the Public Sale from 16:00 GMT, FRIDAY 4th March 2022, until the day after on SATURDAY 12:00 GMT 5th March 2022.

Whitelist Winners:

Eligible users will be able to find their allocations in the «My Investments» section.

Please note, users can only purchase the whitelisted allocation in the full amount, and cannot buy out only a portion of the allocation.

FCFS Round

FCFS round is scheduled for 12:00 PM GMT the next day on SATURDAY, 5th March 2022, if there is any $NAFF left!

More information on FCFS rounds on TruePNL can be found here.

Guide on how to buy out your allocation

Naffiti Official Channels:

Website || Telegram || Twitter || Discord || Medium

TruePNL Official Channels:

Website || Telegram Chat|| Twitter || Telegram ANN || Blog || Discord



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