Introducing Everlens — a new Vested Sale for $PNL holders

We are proud to announce a new project for launch on the TruePNL Launchpad, the Vested Sale opens today at 16:00 GMT and is available for holders of 10 000+ $PNL or 5000+ $PNL Liquidity providers. Both BSC and ETH $PNL are eligible.

Everlens is the world’s first Instagram NFT platform based on Cardano, BSC, and Solana. Following the mission to build the first bridge between social networks and cryptocurrencies, Everlens provides a tool for any content creator who wants to sell pictures.

The idea of ​​the project is to allow any Instagram user to convert his income into money.

Everlens provides a platform for every content creator who wants to sell Instagram posts. Everlens token — $ELEN — is designed as the backbone of the Everlens market.

The Everlens IDO is to be held on CardStarter at the end of November. The date is TBA.

How to apply for the Everlens Vested Sale on TruePNL

The sale is available ONLY for the $PNL holders with more than 10K PNL tokens on their balance OR with 5K $PNL staked in the UniSwap/PancakeSwap liquidity pools.


  • For EACH 10 000 $PNL on their balance or 5000 $PNL stacked in a liquidity pool, a user is able to get an allocation of $500;

In case the allocation remains, new rounds will be open, and holders of ANY amounts of $PNL will be able to join the sale.

This is a great opportunity for our big holders to use their contribution to our Ecosystem in order to get up to a $5000 allocation in Everlens, another groundbreaking project supported by various VC funds and confirmed for launch on CardStarter.

Don’t miss your chance to get on board!

The Vested Pool will be open TODAY, October 25th, at 16:00 GMT.

Check out Everlens Official channels:

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