Introducing BlockPad — the next SALE on TruePNL Launchpad

Wonderful news incoming! We’re delighted to announce that BlockPad Whitelist opens today, 19th November at 12:00 GMT on TruePNL.

2 min readNov 19, 2021

BlockPad — is a Multichain DeFi gateway for the Web 3.0 Ecosystem. BlockPad provides a suite of applications that act as a gateway for the Web 3.0 ecosystem by solving the issue of investor confidence in DeFi dApps with compatibility of multiple blockchains. BlockPad is a rug-proof, multichain and community-governed IDO launchpad to help projects crowdsource funds by adopting groundbreaking methods for token pools and distribution while letting investors invest their money safely.

BlockPad is building a multichain Ecosystem with integrations of Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon and KCC chains.

Backed by an impressive number of partners, such as Duck DAO, SkyVision Capital, Red Hat, Dutch Crypto Investors, NewField Fund, Dreamboat Capital, CSP DAO, Kenzo Ventures.
They have also been featured on Yahoo Finance, Hackermoon, MarketWatch, TechBullion.

How to apply for the BlockPad sale on TruePNL:

How to apply for the Public round:

  1. Register on and confirm your email address
  2. Open
  3. Log in and Connect your wallet
  4. Press the “Join the Whitelist” button

Complete all actions:

  1. Follow TruePNL on Twitter
  2. Follow BlockPad on Twitter
  3. Join TruePNL Telegram group
  4. Join BlockPad Telegram Chat
  5. Pass the KYC procedure before claiming tokens.

Choose the PNLg pool or the Lottery pool. To enter the Lottery pool, you only need to join the social channels from above and enter your usernames into the Whitelist form.

Lottery Pool details

🔸 Pool size: $25 000

🔸 Sale starts: November 19th, 12:00 GMT

🔸 Min. allocation: $100

🔸 Max. allocation: $500

🔸 Vesting: 25% at TGE, then biweekly vesting for over 3 months

PNLg Pool details

🔷 Pool size: $25 000

🔷 Min. allocation: 0.25% of the pool

🔷 Max. allocation: 5% of the pool

🔷 Vesting: 25% at TGE, then biweekly vesting for over 3 months

Join The Whitelist

🔐 The Whitelist CLOSES on November 23rd

BlockPad official Channels:

Website || Telegram || Twitter

TruePNL Official Channels

Website || Telegram Chat|| Twitter || Telegram ANN || Blog



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