How to earn with TruePNL Launchpad?

Launchpad in the crypto world is a collective name for the sites where IDOs take place. In turn, IDO is short for Initial DEX Offering, which means the initial offer of tokens on a decentralized exchange. Currently, TruePNL offers to invest through its Launchpad. So far there is only one IDO. But no doubt Launchpad project TruePNL will offer new IDOs, so you can regularly buy promising tokens at the earliest stage.

Crypto pools as a way to get rewards

The pool is also an extremely important term in the crypto world. There is no need to just keep your ethereum or bitcoin cryptocurrencies in a wallet if you can make them work instead. By providing liquidity for decentralized exchange in the form of BNB, ethereum, bitcoin, or other crypto assets on the blockchain, the user is rewarded in various tokens.

One of the most promising of these is the TruePNL project token, which has the designation PNL. It is available for purchase on both the crypto exchange and the decentralized crypto exchange Uniswap. Using PNL tokens will save on the fees that TruePNL charges for using crypto trade bots. Anyone can make sure that crypto tokens of TruePNL are already working and bringing profit. Some of the PNL tokens that have been used will be destroyed by “burning” and thus will be permanently removed from circulation. This reduces the total number of PNL tokens in circulation, which in the long run will increase the price of such crypto assets.

Also, all users of PNL tokens get access to many useful free features of the TruePNL project. In the future, the crypto asset PNL will be used for trading in custom ETFs and trading derivatives on the blockchain. You can also get PNL tokens as rewards for trading competitions and for developing algorithmic trading bots that are useful for the TruePNL project. PNL farming is a great way to earn bonus PNLg points by providing liquidity to Pool in PNL tokens.

How can you earn with IDOs?

A new Launchpad like TruePNL has several advantages over other Launchpads for IDOs — including Binance Launchpad. No complicated tasks are required to participate in IDOs. The problem with high-speed bots, which usually buy up all the tokens at the start of the project, then reselling them at a higher price to regular crypto users, has been solved. The allocation of tokens on the blockchain has been made more transparent and fair.

To see for yourself, TruePNL invites you to join the first IDO on their new Launchpad. It’s a project, with which the TruePNL project is linked by friendship and partnership.

For everyone who earns in the crypto world, you can’t miss out on earning PNLg points. They are crypto similar to ethereum or bitcoin. At the same time, PNLg points are bonus points that cannot be faked or copied. PNLg points, as well as crypto assets, are blockchain-protected against counterfeiting and copying. The more PNLg points you have, the more you can invest in new promising tokens at IDO. So IDO buyers on the best conditions are not those who have the most money, but those who have contributed the most to the development of TruePNL.

Join the TruePNL referral campaign

TruePNL also offers a referral program. 20% of PNLg points earned by a user you invite becomes your earnings without reducing the earnings of the user you invite. Thus TruePNL offers to earn both on crypto trading, token farming, future PNL token growth, and participation in future promising IDOs. So, don’t waste your time and get registered on TruePNL now!


-- is a Blockchain based ecosystem, with products designed for traders, investors, and paradigm-shifting cryptocurrency projects.

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TruePNL is a Blockchain based ecosystem, with products designed for traders, investors, and paradigm-shifting cryptocurrency projects.