How to create API Keys for the Binance Futures copy-trading account

2 min readFeb 8, 2021


This step-by-step guide aims to explain the API Keys creating process so you could start using the TrueP&L Robo or Copytrading services the fastest way.

You’ll need a pair of API Keys in order to allow our trading bots to perform trades on your account. This way of trading was chosen because of safety — you have full control over your funds.

Step 1.

Start with signing into your Binance account. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up via our referral link and get 15% trading fees discount

Step 2.

Open the API management page. (

Step 3.

Give API Key a label and hit the “Create API” button. Then use your authentication methods to submit API key creation request.

Step 4.

You’ll see a created API key. Now hit the “Edit restrictions” button and check “Enable Futures” for the Trading API keys. Don’t forget to save changes!

Nice! Copy-paste API and Secret keys to the TrueP&L API creation form and start Robo or Copytrading now!


We guarantee that we won’t pass your API Keys to third parties or use them for any purpose except Robo or Copy Trading, but you also shouldn’t share, send or publish your API Keys because it can lead to unwanted disclosure of your trading data.



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