Get a $50 bonus for robotrading | WIN $PNL TOKENS

TruePNL announces a contest with GUARANTEED prizes and a chance to win $600 worth of $PNL tokens!

TruePNL Robo-Trading is a flexible product that offers automated trading solutions, available for users with any knowledge in crypto trading.

The bots of our Robo Trading Marketplace have been running for more than six months, executing different strategies and generating income for our traders. We’ve been keeping an eye on every bot’s performance, to make sure everything is working steady and our users are able to make profits in all market conditions.

While our active traders have already generated up to 150% of profit during the last 3 months, TruePNL grants a chance to join our platform and experience the advantages of our high-end product.

Join our contest with guaranteed bonuses and valuable prizes in $PNL tokens for the most active entrants!

To enter the contest, follow the link, join the sweepstakes, complete simple actions to get a guaranteed bonus for trading on TruePNL, spread the word and invite friends to earn more entries, get a chance to win $300, $200, $100 in $PNL tokens.

The prize fund of $600 worth of $PNL tokens will be divided between 3 of the most active participants who will refer more friends to join!

🥇 1st place — $300

🥈 2nd place — $200

🥉 3rd place — $100

Dates: August 30 — September 29.

TOP 3 winners will be announced at the end of the contest, all entrants will receive their guaranteed bonuses as soon as the results are counted.

If you have been planning to learn crypto trading, join the TruePNL contest and get your bonus for trading with our proven trading strategies.

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