Anypad Whitelist Pools Guide 😎

2 min readSep 7, 2021


Hi there! We are ready to inform you that the Anypad whitelist on TruePNL Launchpad is open now! Whitelisting ends at 14:00 GMT on 12 September 2021.

How to apply

  1. Register on and confirm the email address
  2. Open
  3. Log In and Connect your wallet

4. Press the “Join to Whitelist” Button

5. Follow all the conditions:

— Follow TruePNL in Twitter

— Follow Anypad in Twitter

— Join TruePNL Telegram group

— Join Anypad Telegram group

— Pass the KYC procedure before claiming tokens.

6. Choose a PNLg pool or a Lottery pool

Lottery Pool details

🔸 Pool size: $10,000

🔸 Token price: 0.005 B-USDT

🔸 Ticket size: 50,000 APAD

🔸 Max. winning tickets per user: 3

🔸 Vesting: 20% of tokens will be unlocked on September 14th

We also have a PNLg pool for all PNLg holders.

PNLg Pool details:

🔸 Pool size: $10,000

🔸 Swap ratio: 1 APAD = $0.005

🔸Min. allocation: 5,000 APAD

🔸 IMPORTANT! We’ve raised the minimum guaranteed allocation to 0.25% of a PNLg pool and maximum to 5%. The final calculation formula will be adjusted utilizing 0.25%-5% range.

Every user who collects PNLg points will guarantee an allocation. To join the PNLg pool users must deposit 3000+ PNLg to the account and confirm that they have read the rules.

The more and longer you hold PNL, the bigger allocation you get!

You can find all the terms of allocation in our documentation:



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