A new project on the TruePNL launchpad — Versus

Sep 18, 2021


Our launchpad selects the best and most promising projects for launch, and today we want to present one more platform — Versus.

Join the Versus Whitelist now 🔥

⏰ Versus whitelist is open until October 10th.
⏰ Versus whitelist for PNLg holders is open till October 17th.

Lottery pool details:

💡 Date: October 12th
💡 Price: 0.3$
💡 Allocation per ticket: $100
💡 Max allocation: $500

PNLg pool details:

💡 Date: October 17th
💡 Price: 0.25$
💡 Minimum PNLg pool share: 0.2%
💡 Price: 5%

💥 Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get 33% discount by holding PNLg!

Stay tuned for further announcements. We’ll share all the details soon 😉




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